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That time Farm Camp was in the news!

A Little History

In February 2010 we were lucky enough to rent a totally dilapidated property with a completely remodeled farmhouse! I immediately started planting food and landscape plants, got chickens and built fences.  One of the neighbors told us that this house used to look like it was dead, with a black cloud hanging over it, but that now it was shining and full of life.  It was the best compliment I’ve ever received! And, a farm was born!

I started growing a wide variety of not often seen heirloom vegetables. Many of which I’d never even heard of, much less eaten! (Can you believe, I’d never tasted Kale or Chard??) I learned about organic gardening, humane animal husbandry and harvest, anything farm related that I could get my hands on.

The farm has grown quite a bit since then. I became a full time farmer and started Farm Camp for preschoolers in Spring 2011. I became a registered National Wildlife Sanctuary, and certified Eco-Healthy Child care program, increased my educational offerings, and added MANY animals to the farm. Once our daughters, Cassidy and Annie, were old enough, they started working as assistants during camp. In the Fall of 2013, we bought 5 1/2 acres in  Aptos, packed everything up (it was quite a show!) and relocated in what turned out to be a grueling move.  It didn’t take too long before I was planted and re-established.

I’ve made the decision to focus on food production, and not continue with Farm Camp. It was a hard choice, to be sure, but one woman can only do so much at a time.

Now I offer CSA style Henshares, Herdshares, and Farm shares, which includes organic vegetables, as well as products like, sauces, ferments, jams, dried foods, soaps… You get the idea. It changes seasonally, and even weekly, because we roll with nature and what’s going on around us.   We also have turkeys available for the holidays, and chickens and ducks, every so often. The best way to know what’s going on, is to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for updates.

Of course, you can always email and ask me anything, too.