Chick’N Heart Farm

I’m SO excited to have been a featured farmer on Pink Tractor!

Members of Farm to Consumer Defense Fund
Members of Farm to Consumer Defense Fund
Certified Wildlife Habitat
We are a Certified Wildlife Habitat

 Chick’N Heart Farm (formerly, Peaceful Valley Farm) is a small, woman run farmstead.

Located in the beautiful Aptos Hills, of Santa Cruz county, California, where we live and grow organic heirloom vegetables, raise Nubian goats for milk and award winning cheese, chickens and ducks for meat and eggs, heritage breed Bourbon Red and Midget White turkeys. (both are on Slow Food the Ark Of Taste)

And bees, when they stick around.

We offer a seasonal variety of preserved, fermented and fresh food, as well as soaps and body care products!

 We are also a micro hatchery (read, me and 3 incubators!) and will have some really unusual breeds available in 2017! (TBA)

We don’t have a tractor, or any hired help. We practice permaculture methods on our hillside property and are always looking for ways to be a more sustainable, triple bottom line (good for people, planet, profit) venture.

We like to consider where our food comes from and how long it’s been sitting in a truck, cold storage or grocery store. We believe in family,  community, and taking care of each other. We believe that growing, harvesting, cooking and eating meals as a family or tribe, every day, is a lost art, worthy of revival. We like to know the people that grow or make the good food that we eat (when we don’t do it ourselves) and to support them with our hard earned dollars.

We encourage you to do the same.




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