I raise a variety of rare breed chickens. I like them to be unusual looking, with good temperaments, good egg layers and I especially love the pretty egg colors!

For 2021 I will be offering the following as straight run chicks, and later, as coop ready pullets. I don't ship. All birds are available for pick up in Aptos, CA. Contact me to get on the email list for when they are available.


Lavender Orpington-

The lavender or "self blue" color is rare and highly prized in the world of chickens. I like them big and fluffy, so I breed for that. They are a large, loosely-feathered bird with an upright stance and a medium-sized single comb. Orpingtons are adored for their good nature and willingness to be handled. Lays about 200 large brown eggs per year.


French Blue Copper Marans-

A rare and beautiful bird, with blue feathers and copper hackles, most will have lightly feathered shanks and feet. Blue Copper Marans are good layers of a medium-dark brown egg, not as dark as Black Copper Marans. This breed is calm and gentle, so they make a wonderful backyard pet.


Plymouth Blue/Sapphire Gem-

A large light to medium range blue/gray bird with occasional flecks of peacock like green and teal. They have laid the earliest and longest of any breed I've had, starting at 4 months and going all through their first Winter. These are sex linked, meaning you can tell the girls from boys at hatching. Girls will remain solid gray, while boys will be a gorgeous gray and white stripe. They lay about 290 HUGE light brown eggs per year. 




The biggest floofs in the chicken world! Big round bodies, feathered feet and legs, sweet personalities and steady layers of large light brown eggs. I currently have blue, black (with one frizzled girl) partridge and red mixed in together.