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3/25/2017 We’ve got eggs! Lots and lots of eggs. I deliver to your door (in the greater Santa Cruz area, not in the mountains) on Thursdays. $8 per dozen. Please contact me to set up delivery..  

Each share provides you with a dozen eggs per week, delivered. Payment is due at the beginning of the season (You can join anytime, provided there are shares available, and we’ll give you a prorated price) and can be made by Paypal or by check, at first delivery (email me for pricing or to order).


Shares are limited to the number of hens we have and there will be no shares available during the Winter months, as we let the hens rest, rather than forcing them with artificial lights.


We raise a variety of chickens, many are rare and some are endangered. As a result, our eggs are a rainbow of colors! We strive for sustainability, so most of our flock is hatched right here, introducing new blood as needed. About 1/2 of all chicks turn out to be male. We raise these roosters to market weight, then humanely harvest them for our table, while the girls join the laying flock.


In an effort to keep our prices reasonable, we’ve chosen not to go organic with their feed. Instead, we make our own whole grain feed (free of corn or soy) with lots of healthy ingredients. We supplement with farm grown fodder (sprouted barley), fermented grains with alfalfa, and organic kitchen and garden scraps. Our chickens have 24/7 access to sunshine, dirt, bugs and greens in their large pastures.


Your eggs will have been laid within days of delivery. You can’t get them fresher unless they’re in your own back yard!

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