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By the stick, or by the carrot


These are my first carrots, and to say I was giddy when I plucked them from the dirt would not be exaggerating.  They are small to mid-sized and oh-so-sweet and almost buttery!  I fed the tops to my sweet lambkins.

Now I have to try not to obsess about the best use of them, and just MAKE use of them. (It’s a common mistake I make…I grow something that’s so special and fabulous to me, that I wait for the perfect way to use it.   The end result, too often, has been a soggy mess of organic goodness in the “rotter”, AKA the crisper in the fridge.)

There are many more carrots, in all sizes, shapes and colors, to come, so forgive me in advance for my excitement!

One thought on “By the stick, or by the carrot

  1. Eeeee 🙂 I understand your giddiness… you should have seen me when the tomatoes, basil, cilantro and chives I planted started sprouting 😉

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