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My new office

After 4 years, I have officially closed the doors on my organizing business.  As of May 31, I will be devoting 100% of my time to homesteading and running an educational farm in Peaceful Valley.  In the weeks since I made this decision, I have had many days where I think, “oh f**k, what did I do?”  My waking (and sleeping) hours are peppered with “what ifs” but today… 

Today was perfect. 
A complete stranger, who read about what I’m doing, told me that I was doing the right thing, following my heart. Farm Camp registrations are rolling in. People are starting to say “I heard about your program…”
My beautiful, heirloom seedlings are growing like…well…weeds (expect a plant sale, soon).  
I found, connected with and hired the most amazing assistant!  I feel like, together, we can do some pretty cool things! 

I sat at my new desk (where I interviewed my new assistant!)

in my roomy, new office

and had lunch with my co-worker, Fred (someone should have a talk with him…B.O. big time!)

The chicks dig it here!

And these guys are…real turkeys

but, the vending machine

is close to my desk
And I am surrounded by like minded people

so, today, I feel lucky, confident that I have jumped off and will land, safely.